Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-28 um 11.59.51History

The PIPA is very young and was founded in 2011 for eliminating essential structural lacks in the polo sport. Some of the oldest and highest recognized polo families but also international leading polo but also management experts jointly founded the PIPA as the world federation of the polo instructors and players. Since its foundation in very short time all leading polo nations joint the PIPA and are now contributing to the sustainable development and growth of the new trendsport. More nations are in the application process. Also PIPA was now added into the global WIKIPEDIA database as one of the international leading sports association.



Our vision is to support and foster the professional and sustainable development of polo. At the core of this vision is the work of our professional polo instructors.

Their work can only be successful, if basic securities and insurances can be ensured and provided.

Therefore, PIPA aims at establishing the required policies and procedures to protect the work and jobs of PIPA polo instructors, by continuously developing and improving working and teaching techniques and standards.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-28 um 12.03.35Mission

By evaluating and analysing current and future needs, and understanding the work environment and problems of polo instructors, PIPA initiates models, services and products to be installed and provided to PIPA accredited polo instructors.

In co-operation with PIPA polo instructors these service offerings will be designed, aligned, implemented and adopted if required.


PIPA has defined the following strategic goals:

  • Establishing state-of-the-art polo instructors training, development and accredited licensing.
  • Ensuring the highest quality and professionalism, through transparent standards and performance indicators.
  • Representing the safety and security of all PIPA polo instructors and polo players.
  • Supporting the polo market development through third party organisations, in order to ensure a growing environment of jobs and facilities