Oesterreichischer Pferdesportverband

Asociacion Argentina de Polo

PIPA is located in Vienna, Austria (Europe). PIPA is connected with leading international Equine & Polo Associations, in order to ensure knowledge transfer and alignment with existing structures, policies and procedures in the area of horse riding sports. This close co-operation and ongoing alignment is also core to sustainable quality management as part of the development of professional polo sport.

PIPA is headed by an International PIPA Executive Board.

Executive Board

Executive President:   Dr. Uwe Seebacher (AUT)
Executive Vice President: Cacho Merlos (ARG)

Vice President Marketing: Thomas Hofirek (AUT)
Vice President Operations: Augusto Faria Correa (BRA)
Vice President Ruling: Sean Dayus (ENG)
Vice President Staging: Jan-Erik Franck (ENG)
Vice President Art & Design: Pierre Rubin (F)
Vice President Communication: Stefan Prath (AUT)
Vice President Equestrian Management: Dr. Yvonne Halden (AUT)

Country Representatives

Argentina:   Cacho Merlos (also AAP)
Austria:   Dr. Uwe Seebacher (also BPA, DPV, SPA)
Brasil:   Augusto Faria Correa (also BPA)
Canada:   Michael Hiscocks
Chile: Fernando Moreno (also CPA)
Czech Republic: Achim Jähnke (also APC)
France:   Benjamin Darroux (also APA, FPA)
Germany:  Uwe Seebacher (also BPA, DPV, SPA)
Hungary:   Gabor Szegedi (also HPA)
Italy:   Benjamin Polledo (also FISE)
Liechtenstein:   Gerardo Cosentino
Marocco:   Shams Al Tharek
Paraguay:   Jose Sileno-Rodriguez
Slovakia:   Ladislav Agardi (also HPA, SPA)
South Africa:   Angie R. Caprice
Spain:   Pepe Carrasco (also APE)
Switzerland:  Oliver Muggli (also SPA)
United Kingdom:   Sean Dayus (also HPA)
USA:   election on going
Uruguay:   Mathias Correa-Almazel (also APU)

* Following abbreviations are used (names may vary in local languages):
Ass. Argentina de Polo
APA  Austrian Polo Association
APC  Aviator Polo Club
APE  Ass. De Polo de Espania
APU  Ass. De Polo de Uruguay
BPA   Brasil Polo Ass.
CPA  Chilenian Polo Ass.
DPV  Deutscher Poloverband
FISE  Federazione Italiana Sport Equestri
FPA  French Polo Ass.
HPA  Hungarian Polo Ass.
HPA  Hurlingham Polo Ass.
SPA  Slovakian Polo Ass.

If you are interested in becoming a PIPA Country Representative, please submit applications to info@polo-ipa.com